About Us

Me and my wife started Local Wash Dry Fold after suggesting to a friend that owns a laundromat in Anaheim, that she reopen her Wash and Fold service. She made us the offer to run it for her from her laundromat. We know this was a blessing from God because we started out this business with $0 dollars invested.

In 3 months time we outgrew the space we were using in our friend’s laundromat and decided to shift from the drop-off laundry service to the pickup & delivery laundry service. It has been a great experience and we are grateful to our loyal customers who have supported us also as well as our friend from the laundromat.

At the end of 2020 I was contacted by HamperApp,which is a mobile app for scheduling laundry and dry cleaning orders. So we decided to partner up with HamperApp to give our customers the ease of scheduling their laundry and dry cleaning orders from their mobile devices or from their PC’s. We thank HamperApp for the opportunity in working together with a young but very serious company in the laundry industry.